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What do you give to the person that already has everything? You give them a LegacyStory Gift.

Perhaps you're seeking the perfect anniversary gift idea to help honor Mom and Dad who have shared joy, sorrow, and given to others abundantly over the years. Or, your stylish Aunt Barbara is planning the biggest 70th birthday bash that her friends will ever see, and you want to present a birthday gift that is unique as the very woman who stopped at nothing to celebrate your achievements throughout your life.  

Whatever type of celebration, give them a LegacyStory Gift - a customized audio tribute for you to share at their celebration.

LegacyStory Gifts: We take snippets of people's life journeys and create tiny audible stories. 


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How it works

We've designed three unique packages that are perfect for retirements, weddings, birthdays, and all celebrations that help celebrate the lives of people that you love and admire. We've all been there, searching endlessly for a special anniversary gift, but instead, find a number of engraved gifts or offers to join a monthly club that includes packages that range between $300-$800. Though they may be reasonably priced, these gifts may not provide enduring value. 

Celebrate the person or couple who has everything with a LegacyStory Gift and it immediately becomes a keepsake that is shared and passed on for years to come. Here's how:  

  • Select any gift package below to reveal more about the three unique packages that we offer.  
  • Honor the person in your life deserving of a customized gift of a lifetime. 


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